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The AGM series is a completely revised Advanced Gasmitter® with optimized accuracy and reliability for gas measurement. A linearized output signal provides a superior signal to noise ratio, while temperature compensation and optional pressure compensation minimize drift. Internal signal conditioning ensures accurate and reliable outputs. Interfaces for digital and analog outputs, and a pump connection are PCB mounted. This flexible design platform enables simple integration into gas analyzers and gas measurement systems. The new AGM series offers solutions for measuring and analyzing both industrial and environmental gases



List Detectable Gas

agm1000_1010 (CO2 / CH4)

agm1000_1030 (CO2 / CH4)

agm1000_1031 (CO2 / N2O)

agm1000_1032 (CO2 / N2O / C3H8)

agm1000_1050 (CO2)

agm2000_2001 (CO2 / CH4 / C6H14 / N2)

agm3000_3006 (CO)

agm_biogas (CO2 / CH4)

agm22 (H2 / He / Xe / Ne / Ar / SF6)

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